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2017 AQHA/APHA Chestnut Stallion

6 Panel Negative • IMM Negative • 15.0 Hands

Color Profile: ee, aa, nd1/nd2

 2X APHA National Champion

Volturi is also an ApHC Approved Breeding Stallion Listed with ApHC

A Pedigree of Champions


Volturi is a 2017 AQHA/APHA stallion by the late, Smoking Whiz (LTE $208,838) and out of a daughter of Cromed Out Mercedes. Bred by the Legendary Breeder, Bob Loomis, I purchased Volturi as a yearling. On his haul from TX to PA, he sustained a trailer injury that resulted in his right hock being injured and the size of a grapefruit upon his arrival.  He sustained a fractured hock, some deep bone bruising and ligament damage that took awhile to heal. The end result is some pretty severe arthritis in that hock that has prevented me from pushing him under saddle.  I am an owner and breeder that WILL NOT PUSH A HORSE FOR MONEY.


I broke him out as a late 2 yr old and turned him back out. His three year old year I fit on him for halter and took him to APHA Nationals where he won both the open and amateur halter and became a 2X National Champion at halter. Once his hock fuses, I plan to get him going under saddle again and debut in the AQHA and APHA ranch classes, and start him in reining.


Volturi was supposed to be my NRHA Futurity prospect, but as you can see, sometimes things happen that we cannot prevent, and I truly believe a late start is better than none. In the end, no amount of earnings or titles will ever change what a horse is genetically capable of siring or producing. I much prefer longevity in my horses than I do short careers, and I will continue to manage Volturi's breeding and show career with care and diligence so that when the time arrives for specific events he is ready, happy, healthy, willing, and sound, and he can remain my show and breeding partner for many years to come.    


Customer Service Is My Priority

I take a lot of pride in the customer service I offer my clients. I am always willing to answer questions, help you with breeding, help with foaling, guide you through showing, or whatever you may need help with. This is my PASSION and I take it seriously. No one likes to be treated poorly, and you will not be treated poorly by me.


With each shipment of semen, you can expect a personal text from me with a video of the collection for that day, the stats of the collection, and your tracking number. If FedEx delays your shipment, I personally cover the cost of shipping and collection for your next shipment. Please keep in mind that no matter what shipping company is used, delays happen. I do my absolute best to keep everything as fair as possible for my mare owners. FedEx doesn't always approve claims for lost or delayed shipments, and they absolutely will not approve a claim if the shipment was delayed due to inclement weather. I completely understand how expensive and frustrating it is to miss a shipment, that's why I do my best to make the best out of a crappy situation. Thankfully, The FedEx God's have been rather kind to us the past two seasons. We have had minimal delays.  


I want my customers to feel comfortable asking me anything. I have absolutely nothing to hide. Please feel free to call me or text me anytime at (972) 750-8278. I can tell you everything you would like to know about my stallion and this program. When you breed to Volturi, you deal with ONE person. ME. I clean the stalls, I feed the horses, I medicate the horses, I ride, train, and show the horses, I am the one answering the phone, I am the one collecting, and I am the one processing and shipping the semen out.   


Shipped Semen Information


Collection days are Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and shipped via FedEx Priority Overnight or American Airlines Cargo Counter to Counter. Each collection will include a detailed semen analysis sheet, and you will receive video of your collection as it is being processed.  Throughout the 2022 season, we have maintained excellent concentrations at around 85% progressive motility. In the event your FedEx shipment is delayed, your next shipment and collection is on my dime. Unfortunately shipping delays can and do occur, and while it is out of my hands, I always take care of my customers. 




Includes first shipment and collection. Limited to FIRST 25 Mares. Book will be limited to 75 mares total. The 2023 Regular Breeding Fee is $1,450.00


Please Note: If paying by credit, debit, or Paypal a 3.75% transaction fee will be assessed to cover the processing fees.  Click on the Buy Now button below to Pay for your 2022 breeding via PayPal. You may also choose to pay via Venmo to @Heidi-Schlenker-1 for no additional processing fees. By clicking on the buy now button you will be redirected to Paypal. The processing fee is INCLUDED in the price. 


Volturi is eligible for the following incentives. Please keep abreast of these associations as many of them have stallion service auctions where you can pick up deeply discounted breedings to Volturi. If you click on each of the logos below it will take you to that site. 

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Helpful Breeding Tips 

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Breeding can be nerve wracking no matter how many times you do it. Mares don't always follow a schedule and the complications that can occur during or after foaling are numerous. 

Collection days are Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays. Please communicate with your vet to have your mare set up to breed on a Tuesday, Thursday, or Saturday.


I understand mares do not always cooperate, even when we meticulously manage their cycles, but to keep the stallion healthy and the semen quality consistent, I do not collect on off days. Off day collections require the stallion to be collected consecutively, which can result in poor concentration and volume later in the week and later in the season. When this occurs, there is less semen to go around and mare owners can be bumped off the breeding list for that day, which no one wants.


I am in this business to put phenomenal foals on the ground for my customers, therefore, I manage my stallion meticulously.    


Putting your mare under lights  by the end of November for 16 hours per day will get her cycling for an early breeding.


However, LEAVING your mare under lights all year can be detrimental to her cycles. Mares need shorter day light lengths to go into anestrous to prepare their bodies to start cycling again.


There is current research to support that leaving your pregnant mares under lights can result in shorter gestational lengths. Be careful leaving your pregnant mares under lights to avoid pre-mature parturition. 



During live cover, when the stallion ejaculates and the head of his penis bells out, it pushes against the mare's cervix and stimulates her to release oxytocin.


When you breed with cooled shipped semen, the mare is not stimulated to release oxytocin. Instead, we do an oxytocin protocol with shots of oxytocin after insemination to stimulate  the mare to clear fluid accumulation in the uterus, which is a normal response to breeding. You can read more about oxytocin use HERE.

Important Things to Have On Hand At Foaling

This foaling season saw a lot of mares across the U.S. with placentitis and dystocia. We recommend ALWAYS having a few things on hand in addition to the general foaling kit.

  • Frozen Colostrum - If your mare isn't letting her milk down, or your foal can't latch properly, that frozen colostrum can be warmed and syringed with a 60cc catheter tip syringe to your foal to ensure he gets his antibodies. You can purchase frozen colostrum from Hagyard Pharmacy HERE.

  • Milk Replacer - Again, if your mare isn't producing enough milk, or your foal won't latch properly, it's a good idea to have milk replacer on hand. Do NOT get milk replacer pellets for newborn foals. Powder only. We like Buckeye Nutrition Mare's Milk Replacer. You can get it HERE. 

  • Long Rope - In the event of a dummy foal, you will need a long length of rope to perform the Madigan Squeeze. This technique "resets" the foal and eliminates the neurotoxins that are naturally present in the foal during birth that prevent the foal from excessive movement during birth. It's literally magic. 

  • Enema - Some foals get a bit constipated and have trouble defecating after they are born. An enema will help loosen the stool and enable your foal to defecate without straining. 

  • Sterile OB sleeves

  • Sterile OB umbilical clamps - You can use these sterile umbilical clamps to clamp off the umbilicus if it breaks in the wrong spot and has excessive bleeding. You can find them on Amazon.

  • A Sharp Knife - You have approximately 6 minutes to deliver your foal in the event of a Red Bag Birth. You will need this knife to cut the red bag and pull your foal. Remember, always pull down toward the hocks. 

  • A Tube Filled With Chlorhexidine Gluconate - This is used for easily dipping the naval to dry it out. We like to use centrifuge tubes for this. You can purchase sterile centrifuge tubes on Amazon.

  • 60cc Catheter Tip Syringes - These can be used for tube feeding your foal if necessary. You can also cut the tip off the syringe, and push the plunger through the cut end. Place the opposite end on the mare's udder and pull down on the plunger to milk her out if needed. It's much more sanitary than using your hands to milk the mare. 

  • Towels - To help dry your foal


While this is not an exhaustive list for a foaling kit, these are important items that we are not without and recommend. Always be prepared for an emergency. It's also a good idea to have $1,000 to $1,500 set aside at time of foaling just in case your foal needs veterinary attention and plasma. We run plasma on ALL of our foals, regardless of their IGG levels.