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Vennom weanling photo
Breeding For The Integrity of the Breed Graphic

I take extreme pride in what I breed. Anyone can take your money and play the numbers game. I like to analyze the mare's conformation and pedigree before I approve the breeding. In some cases, your mare may not be a great fit for Volturi due to a conformation weakness, or the pedigrees just won't nick well.  In those cases, I am happy to help you find a stallion that will compliment your mare so that your resulting the foal is the best it can possibly be. I'm not in this business to take your money. I'm in this business to help you put exceptional babies on the ground to better the breed, and help you achieve your dreams as a breeder and exhiitor. 



One of the most exciting times as a breeder is when your mare foals. As a token of my appreciation, and to go above and beyond as a breeder, every foal by Volturi is eligible for a complimentary professional photoshoot by Heidi Schlenker Photography (travel expenses not included). This is a $1800 value. I understand the importance of quality photos and marketing and I will help you any way I can to properly market your foals so you can meet your goals. View all of INCENTIVES HERE.

2022 Foals Graphic
2022 FOALS
2023 Foals Graphic

Volturi's 2023 foal crop is starting to arrive. Keep checking back for updates. We bred all the way into July last year so a lot of these foals will be arriving through April, May, and June!

2023 FOALS
2024 Foals Graphic.png

Volturi's 2024 foal crop is starting to arrive. Keep checking back for updates. We breed through the middle of July so a lot of these foals will be arriving through April, May, and June!

  • What is Volturi's genetic panel status?
    Volturi is 7 panel negative. This includes the regular five panel, OLWS and IMM/MYHM. He is negative for all making him a safe choice for your mare, especially if she carries a copy of one of the genetic diseases.
  • Has Volturi been color tested?
    Yes. Volturi is ee, aa (does not cary agouti), and n/D1 (He has a 50% chance of passing on primitive markings .ie leg barring, and dorsal stripe. n/D1 on red horses also changes the hair shaft giving them that gorgeous liver color). If you cross Volturi on a homozygous EE mare you will get a black foal every time.
  • How tall is Volturi?
    Volturi is 15 hands.
  • Has Volturi been shown?
    Yes. Volturi was shown at APHA Nationals and is a 2x APHA National Champion in Open and Amateur Halter.
  • Why hasn't Volturi been shown under saddle yet?
    Volturi fractured his hock as a yearling during an accident while being hauled from TX to PA. He also suffered some extensive damage to tendons and ligaments. His right hock is currently bone on bone with arthritis changes. I am waiting for the hock to fuse naturally before I begin pushing him under saddle. Volturi is broke to ride and has an exceptional mind. He has dragged logs, roped the hot heels, done trail obstacles and more. He's the same horse every single time I swing my leg over him no matter how little he is ridden.
  • Is Volturi an ApHC approved stallion?
    Yes. Volturi is an ApHC approved stallion and is approved to breed ApHC mares. The first ApHC Volturi foal arrives in 2023!
  • Is Volturi double registered?
    Yes. Volturi is registered with AQHA and APHA.
  • What incentives are Volturi foals eligible for?
    Volturi foals are eligible for NRHA, NRBC, NARS, International Ranch Riding Futurity, VGBRA and Virginia Color Classic.
  • What is Volturi's bone-tendon circumference measurement?
    Volturi currently measures at 8 inches of bone-tendon circumference.
  • What size shoe does Volturi wear?
    Shoe size tends to be an irrelevant question as there are many factors that go into what size shoe can be nailed onto a hoof. Long toes, flare, and underrun heels can increase shoe size despite the hoof being completely unbalanced. A pancaked hoof can increase shoe size. In addition, brands of shoes also differ in the measurements of their sizes. In short, shoe size tells you absolutely NOTHING about the horse unless you know his measurements. Instead the question you really want the answer to is how balanced are the hooves and what are the measurements in relation to bone-tendon circumference because that is going to tell you how well that horse will support his own body weight. Volturi is 4 & 7/8ths inches from medial to lateral wall, and 4 & 15/16ths inches from toe to buttress of heel and is shod in an ought (0) keg shoe. He currently maintains a sole depth of 16mm. Volturi's bone-tendon circumference (8 inches) and hoof measurements (4 & 7/8ths inches from medial to lateral wall, and 4 & 15/16ths inches from toe to buttress of heel) tell us that his hooves and limbs support his body mass and weight (1,050 lbs) very well. His measurements are well within the ideal range.
  • How much does Volturi weigh?
    This question isn't really meaningful from a breeding perspective since weight is influenced by a variety of factors such as feeding program, metabolism, exercise level, heavy metal toxicity, and more. Volturi weighs 1,050 lbs which is pretty average for a 15 hand horse (although he is currently a bit on the chunky side at 1,050 lbs). He should technically be at an ideal weight of 980 to 1000 lbs. To put things into perspective, most FIT racing thoroughbreds standing 16 hands and up weight around 1100-1300lbs. If your 15.2 hand quarter horse weighs 1300 lbs or more, your horse is obese and is not fit.
  • What is Volturi's stud fee?
    Volturi's 2023 stud fee is $1450. This fee INCLUDES the collection fee and first shipment. Additional shipments are $450 (which includes the collection and shipping fees). There are no chute fees or additional fees.
  • What are Volturi's collection days and how do I order semen?
    Volturi's collection days are Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. All calls for semen must be made by 5pm Eastern Standard Time on Sundays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays to secure your spot on the list for the day. If you miss the cutoff time you may not be able to get semen depending on the number of mares we are shipping to that day. All calls for semen must be made by phone to (972) 750-8278. Please do not text or email requests for semen as they may be missed.
  • Do you offer counter to counter?
    Yes. Counter to counter is available via American Airlines cargo. Please note this is the only airline cargo carrier available in our area. In order to receive a counter to counter shipment you must have an American Airlines cargo hub at your nearest airport and their must be a flight coming into your chosen airport. Please plan accordingly.
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