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I take extreme pride in what I breed. Anyone can take your money and play the numbers game. I like to analyze the mare's conformation and pedigree before I approve the breeding. In some cases, your mare may not be a great fit for Volturi due to a conformation weakness, or the pedigrees just won't nick well.  In those cases, I am happy to help you find a stallion that will compliment your mare so that your resulting the foal is the best it can possibly be. I'm not in this business to take your money. I'm in this business to help you put exceptional babies on the ground to better the breed, and help you achieve your dreams as a breeder and exhiitor. 



One of the most exciting times as a breeder is when your mare foals. As a token of my appreciation, and to go above and beyond as a breeder, every foal by Volturi is eligible for a complimentary professional photoshoot by Heidi Schlenker Photography (travel expenses not included). This is a $1800 value. I understand the importance of quality photos and marketing and I will help you any way I can to properly market your foals so you can meet your goals. View all of INCENTIVES HERE.

2022 Foals Graphic.png
2022 FOALS
2023 Foals Graphic.png

Volturi's 2023 foal crop is starting to arrive. Keep checking back for updates. We bred all the way into July last year so a lot of these foals will be arriving through April, May, and June!

2023 FOALS
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